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  • New V3800-CR-TIE5 4-cylinder engine of emission stage V with 74–115 hp (according to ECE R120).
  • Perfect combination of an SCR system, diesel particulate filter (DPF) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC).
  • Optimized engine technology ensures lower fuel consumption and emissions and longer service intervals.
  • Two easily adjustable speed presets enable intelligent engine speed management.
  • The fuel tank has an impressive 76-litre capacity and is also protected against stones and impacts.
  • The M5002N series is available in two different bonnet designs for the cab version and the ROPS version.
  • Choice between a transmission with 18 forward and reverse gears and a comfort transmission with 36 forward and reverse gears with dual-speed powershift.

  • Both transmissions shift extremely smoothly and provide harmonized, practical gear ratios.

  • Dual-speed technology of the 36F/36R transmission enables lightning-fast upshifting and downshifting.

  • For coupling machinery, the clutch can be very precisely operated.

  • Front axle suspension provides a smoother ride and greater tractor stability and productivity.

  • Powerful, stable category II 3 point linkage with 2,300 kg lifting capacity.

  • Option of extending the number of hydraulic connections on the front and rear of the tractor from the standard two to five.

  • Powerful hydraulic pump with a delivery rate of up to 69 l/min.

  • Independent 540/540E PTO engages self-modulating, so even heavy attachments start smoothly.

  • Optional ground speed PTO allows full power transfer from tractor to trailer.

  • The very spacious comfortable flat floor cab of the M5002N provides perfect ergonomics.

  • Multifunctional Intellipanel from Kubota for multiple views of all important operating data and functions at a glance.

  • Standard equipment with LED working lights.

  • Optional equipment of the tractor with with a category IV cab in accordance with the specific UNI EN 15695-1:2018 standard.

  • The M5002N is also available as a ROPS version with roll bar.

  • Its excellent maneuverability makes the M5002N the tractor the number-one choice for work in vineyards and orchards.

  • The front axle with bevel gear drive results in an astounding steering angle of 55°.

  • The “bi-speed turn”, provided only by Kubota, makes turning even easier.

  • Front axle suspension provides smoother ride and increased tractor stability and productivity.

  • Adjust front axle suspension to suit your individual preferences and needs using the two dedicated buttons.

Kubota Farm Solutions - 360° PERFORMANCE FOR 100% SUCCESS

** Power**

The N5002N is ideal for professional use in vineyards and orchards. Thanks to its bi-speed function, it has an excellent turning circle and great manoeuvrability, which together with its low weight make it ideal for use in tight rows.


With the optional IsoMatch Tellus monitors, you can turn your M5002N into an ISOBUS tractor. In this way, you can
take your work efficiency to a new level, saving time and resources, and thus also money.


GEOCONTROL is integrated in the Isomatch Tellus Monitors. In combination with a GNSS receiver, this feature enables
section control & variable rate applications.

**Investment protection **

Kubota tractors offer proven quality and excellent performance. With a maintenance contract, you can protect your investment for years to come. What’s more, Kubota offers you up to five years warranty for the M5002N.

Finance management

The M5002N stands for productive and pleasant work. With Kubota Finance, you can invest in technology that will make an important contribution to your success.

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