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The powerful V6108 and V3800 series engines impress with their low fuel consumption and extreme reliability.

The strict regulations of the Euro IV exhaust emission standards are easily met.

The engines have memory function for two engine speeds, constant engine speed management and an engine speed limiter.

The large radiator and two air intakes on the bonnet result in excellent engine cooling.

The new 150-amp alternator delivers more power to suit the enhanced ancillary equipment options.


The user-friendly 8-speed Intelli-Shift powershift transmission
ensures easy gear shifting at the touch of a button.
The finely geared powershift transmission provides the right speed
you need for the task at hand.
The 24F/24R transmission (32F/32R incl. optional creeper gear) has
exactly the right number of gears for a wide range of applications.
The automatic mode ensures maximum performance with changing
ground and terrain conditions.
Automatic functions such as headland management and automatic
power take-off provide additional comfort.


The Category III 3-point power lift enables lifting capacities of 5,000
kg or 6,100 kg.
Thanks to its high-performance hydraulic system, the MGX-IV can
easily lift very heavy implements.
Hydraulic pumps with high flow rates ensure short cycle times for
front loader work.
The electro-hydraulic control of the 540/1000 PTO ensures easy
and efficient operation. Switches on the rear mudguards allow you
can operate the PTO externally.


In the new cab you will find an extremely spacious workplace with
an air-suspended luxury driver's seat.
The noise level in the air-conditioned cab is pleasantly low.
The 4-column cab is equipped with a large area of anti-reflective
glass, which guarantees the best all-round views.
The clearly arranged operating console ensures you have
everything within easy reach..
Smart switching controls, for engine speed, engine speed
memories and constant engine speed, provide additional
convenience for the user.

Precision farming

The MGX-IV can be retrofitted with an optional ISOBUS controller,
allowing you to use any ISOBUS implements.
ISOBUS devices are displayed in the cab on ISOBUS-certified
IsoMatch Tellus monitors.
All device settings can be carried out from the comfort of your seat
using the touch screen display.
The optional GEOCONTROL function enables automatic part width
section control or partial area-specific application.
All data can be exported from the terminals, for optimum use in your

Front loader

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